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 last update  28 September 2014



New Blog.

More names on the Folk page

Another drawing added.



Areas of interest.


 Hednesford in Staffordshire

About Hednesford in Staffordshire where I was born


The Blog      

A grumpy old man type of blog so that I can let off a bit of steam now and then and hope I don't fall foul of the political correctness people who usual can’t see the wood for the trees.


 My Drawings      

I do a bit of sketching and drawing so I will put the occasional picture on display. It will be a bit of an ego thing really but some one might enjoy it.




 Folk music and Folk Singers      


  A page or two about Folk music, folk clubs and folk groups. The accent mainly on English folk but with the odd Scots Welsh or Irish thrown in.


Other Pages        


Additional pages will appear and disappear as I think of them or discard them.

As always I will be open to suggestions to improve the site as I go along



Please free to comment on any thing in this site that you feel causes offence. Most of my comments and criticism will be of the milder nature although I do get upset by politicians, Rich money grabbers, Bankers and the royals except the Queen.