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Hi Alan,

I forgot to add my email address. It is
Hi Alan,

Do you remember me? We were chums for a while - probably around 1961. I was brought up in Woodland Close and I remember once we were walking in the woods behind Woodland Close and you declared: "Shakespeare's the best!" Having lived in Stratford-upon-Avon from 1968 to 1971, before moving to London (Richmond), I discovered even more than before how right you were. I worked as a political correspondent in Westminster from 1972 to 76 before going into television in the south of England and then living in the centre of Winchester throughout the 1980s. I returned to London in the early 90s and again worked in Westminster as a regional correspondent for the BBC (BBC North West) It's a very long story, but I now live in Bidford-on-Avon, about 8 miles from Stratford. I see that you've written a book about Bradbury Lane. I'd be interested in reading it if I could get hold of a copy. It would also be interesting to know what you've been up to over the past 65 or so years.
Yes I remember the Guys. I think they lived in No 22. It was the end of terrace. I cant remember the mans name but the lady was called Dolly. Once as a little Lad I cut their washing line down to make a lassoo when playing cowboys and indians. My backside was sore for ages.

I have abook with some drawings in that would give some idea of the sort of conditions we lived in then. Some of the drawings are on this website.
I wonder if you remember or know anything about the Guy family from bradbury lane? I am researching my family and looking for how they would have lived. Thank you

Kind regards
Hello Alan, I've only just come across your website. I enjoyed looking through it and thought your "rants" were pretty spot-on. I was born at 22 Market Street in 1946 and we later moved to 47 Bradbury Lane. I have very happy memories of those times in the late 40s/early 50s. Love the dialect comparisons and it reminded me so much of my Grandparents,Aunts & Uncles and the way they talked. I was taken to Birmingham in 1953 where I still live but, Hednesford is and always will be "Home".
I have just now glanced at your site and have bookmarked it so that I may return and look more closely. Lovely sketches and I shall enjoy my return. Thanks Alan very interesting, I love reading things from my heritage, born in Darlaston, a real Black Country Wench.
Well done Beef,I love the site ,you should be proud of yourself it,s not an easey thing to do.
hallo alan
enjoyed it,keep in touch
Was very interested and amused to read your stories of Hednesford. I was born in Brindley Village and later we moved to Brindley Crescent very near to Bradbury Lane.!
well done Alan,i think your grumpy old man is brilliant,most of us agree,but feel unable to do anything about it.Even if we vote labour i dont trust Milliband.keep it up
Well done Alan a "BOSTIN" site - I live in Hednesford and am a member of the Town Council.& Staffordshire County Council

Any thing you can do to promote our Town is appreciated. Councillor - Derek Davis
good luck alan
I will explode if Cameron comes out with "We have never had it so good" and I used to think the Thatcher bitch was bad!!
Hi Alan. Very interesting, will pop back from time to time. Regards. Billy
Interesting Alan. Will keep returning. Best regards.
Nice one Alan, I like it