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Blog Jan 2014

Posted on 21st January, 2014

I have not done a blog for ages. The problem was, I started to write and I found that I was getting too uptight and too involved when I wrote. I get the same irritation when I watch political panel shows on TV.  I always feel that they let the Rich and powerful spout off more than the ordinary folk. The ordinary punter gets cut short, while the big time politician seems to spout on for ever giving the party line and never really answering the question.


It all came to a head when Thatcher died. Normally Death is the leveller and I give the deceased the benefit of the doubt. I found in the case of Thatcher I couldn’t really do that. I looked around and saw the factories, mines and other industries that she had closed down. She gave subsidies to American businesses to run down the places and then sell off the assets. Billions were made by just a few people. She deregulated the banks which was the main reason for the latest debacle with the banks. She played politics with the Falkland’ Islands that left us with no option but to go to War with Argentina.


Worst of all she used the sons of Tory party members to infiltrate the Labour party and take it over.  Tony Blair even invited her to no 10 to show his contempt of the Labour movement.


You see I start to rant as soon as I think of the Wicked Witch of Grantham.Anyway that was my cue to back away from blogs and ignore all political news programmes.


Once again I can feel my anger coming to the fore. The Utilities of the country were illegally sold off to the private sector by the Conservatives and again Billions made by a few people. I say it was illegal because neither I nor anyone I know was given a vote on what should be done with something that belonged to the tax payer. That makes it a criminal offence. ( Taking without the owner’s consent.)Recently they sold off the Post Office.  Again without the consent of the taxpayer, in fact a large petition was sent to No 10 asking to cancel the decision but it was totally ignored.


The latest criminal activity seems to be the selloff of the Dartford Crossing because it is now showing a healthy profit and therefore ripe for the rich to pluck and make more millions. It will also give the government something to use for sweeteners just before the election.A common misconception is that we voted to go in to the European Union. We did not. We were already in the union. We had a vote if we stayed in the Union. It was made clear by Edward Heath that even if we voted to come out he would not be bound by the vote.


Ah well that’s all for now because my blood pressure is up and I need to relax.

Blog for October

Posted on 10th October, 2012

I have not put much in here just lately. Its not that there is nothing to moan about. On the contrary there is always plenty to curse and rile at. No, its just that I know nothing will ever come of all my ranting and raving. Despite that here I am with my three fingered typing hammering the keyboard with a heavy hand developed by using the old fashioned typewriters.


At the time of writing the conservatives are having their conference and labour finished theirs last week. Is it any wonder that we have global warming with all that hot air and bullshit about.

Labour had a couple of weeks giving speeches that promised the earth but everyone knows they will be just a Shadow of the Conservatives carrying out the same milk the poor with taxes.

They both like to tell you that we are all in this together but if thats so why are they going away on long Holidays and living in large houses while people like me see their pensions whittled away to nothing.

Each year my pension spending power seems to shrink while Politicians seem to prosper. Bankers still take large bonuses even though the tax payer is still waiting for their debt to be paid off.

Large companies we are told will take their money and jobs overseas. I don't think they have noticed that most British businessmen took their money out years ago and the work all went to eastern Europe and the far East. Most of them live overseas in large mansions exploiting the locals with impunity.


I have never been much of a Nationalist because its a word that attracts bigots of every shade but I do believe that we should now start building a Britain for British people whatever their colour creed or religious leanings. No more immigration and no more selling off British infrastructure lets concentrate on building the place up and stop thinking we have to give billions away in Aid every year.


Just think of all the countries around the world that have had their Independence for more than 50 years. They were given aid every year. Work was taken from here to help their economies. Everything was done to make sure they could look after themselves but 50 and 60 years on we are still giving them money while telling us that we need to tighten our belts and pay higher taxes.


There should be a freeze on all aid to all areas for at least 5 years.


Countries we have helped to prosper no longer want to know us and are busy trying to write us out of their history while they court China, America and Russia.


Lets get out of Europe, keep our aid money and start looking after our own people. Any one living here who doesn't like our ways should leave and find some where they do like.


That's it its all off my chest for a while so bye for now.

Police and Politicians

Posted on 26th September, 2012

I have not written anything for some time so I thought I should exercise my three typing fingers again.


Well we have had the Tories showing their respect for the police by swearing at them and calling them plebs. Well the minister claims he did not say those words but who do you believe the politician who lies proffesionally for a living or the policeman who has no particular axe to grind.


Then you have the idiot who promised no extra cost on tuition fees before the ellection then as soon as he got to power put the costs up. (He had his education for free). He apologised but not for doing the dirty deed only for making the promise. Like the bankers he just thinks we are here pay out and shut up so that he can have an easy life.


The more these people speak the more you realize they think we are less than nothing.

You always know when they are telling lies. Its as soon as they start to speak.

Well the Government is at it again. There is an army Camp at Waterbeach in Cambridgeshire. It employs around 150 local people at the moment. Soldiers returning from any of their many operations could return to a nice environment with Cambridge for entertainment and shopping.


The Village of Waterbeach is a very Family friendly place to bring up Children.


The Government in their wisdom is closing this place down and sending every one to a remote part of Scotland.


This is to make sure they are far enough away so that their complaints won't be heard.


What will the government have a private firm do? 


Build a housing estate.


But they won't have any jobs for the people that live in the houses.


Bankers still taking large Bonuses, and Politicians still feathering their nests on the back of the public purse, there will be no way we can carry on. Cameron and his cohorts are managing to suck the lifeblood of the country at a rate not seen since Maggie (the Grim reaper) Thatcher



Old Mates

This month I found out that two of my old army mates had died. That makes 4 this year all around the same age and all with the same type of cancer.
They were all in their early 60s, which is not all that old. It is very sad to lose old friends and it also draws attention to our own mortality.
Those of us that served together in the 60s were what this government calls baby boomers. We are the ones they want to make fun of and tell everyone that we are the fat cats who never had it so good.
All the present politicians are the ones that never had it so good.
Our  taxes paid for their free University education.
While they wasted their youth on parties we were either working or serving our country in some of the most horrible conditions imaginable.
Cameron now tells us that the changes to pensions are fair. He says that public service pensions are now better than private ones.
Well Mr Cameron:
Some years back there were people all over the media,
Politicians of Maggie loving parties,Rich self made men all taking the micky out of teachers, policemen, and other state workers because they didn't have the extra money to put into private pensions.
They reckoned that people on private pensions wold all retire as Millionares.
After various raids on Pension funds by succesive Governments, Bosses robbing pension funds, Bankers Taking large Bonuses after making their own fortune from over selling mortages and othe richmens scandals, suprise suprise there is nothing left in the kitty for private pensions.
Theres nothing left for Government pensions either.
The money from the sale of council houses spent.
The money from the sale of public sevice housing spent
The money from Northsea Oil spent
The money from the sale of Gas, Spent
The money from Electricity,Spent
The money from Water,Spent
The money from Coal, Spent
The money fromSteel Spent.
The money from the Railways Spent
Most of it spent well before Labour got to Power but Labour seems to have Thrown away the rest.
The frightening thing is that Cameron is already looking for other things to sell off so that he can become Maggies little clone.
Wake up every one the vultures are on the move again
I read an assortment of daily newspapers ranging from the Times to the Sun. I have noticed a lot of nonsence being chugged out in nearly all of them over the last few months about us so called End of WW11 baby boomers.
Apparently we are the ones that have had only the best and all other age groups have had it worse than us pampered baby boomers. Well lest just see if they are right  and pick out a few points the complaining generation of thirty and forty something seem to brush past quickly when giving out their statements.
1)                 Those of us born in 1945 were still under rationing for the first ten years of our lives.
2)                 Many of us with parents that had medical problems (Some as a result of war wounds) did not have many luxuries and had to live with the shame of free meals and handouts that still kept you on the poverty line.
3)                 The National Health Service did not really start until the late forties.
4)                 When we started work in the late 50s early 60s it was still common to work 45hrs as a standard week. Overtime when it came was rarely paid at multiple rates. The building trade probably paid the best rates but the conditions were basic to say the least.
5)                 We paid tax and national insurance even on the bare minimum wage. I then worked until 65 paying the same taxes and insurance rates. In short approximately 30% of my wages in all that time was paid to the tax man. Not to mention all the taxes paid on the goods I purchased. Before VAT we had Purchase Tax. Now that I am retired I pay tax and insurance on my meagre Pensions.
6)                 In the early 60s there was no family allowance for the first child, although you did get a free pint of milk but Maggie Thatcher took that off us later. (That evil woman will get her own blog some time in the future.)
7)                 Most of the benefits that the present generations enjoy now were won from hard union pressure and putting up with threats from Bosses, lock outs etc. Our dear Maggie started to eat at the hard won concessions won over the generations and it has got to a point now where the rich are slowly getting their own way and using the poor working people as door mats.
The Rich mans press tells us that we should be grateful to take the scraps they hand us. After all there are millions of East Europeans waiting to work for nothing. And if that fails they can take the work to India and Malaysia etc.
You may think that I am a left wing radical. I can assure you I am not. I find the antics of some of the unions over the years as farcical and in some cases even criminal.
But I have been around for a while and I notice the manipulation that goes on such as the manipulation that is now being used to vilify the Baby boomers so that the general public will willingly allow cuts in pensions.
Is my idea of Manipulation true?
Just think about what has happened so far without too much argument because the Government (Labour and Tory) manipulated the press so that it was all accepted by the general public.
You will now have to work longer for your pension.
The idea of pension reform should have been to bring a workingman’s retirement age down to 60 to be on a par with the women. But successful manipulation of the press allowed them to claw a few extra years out of the working classes and put the womens retirement age up to 65.
The taxes I have paid over the years, have been squandered by successive Governments.
The idle rich have got richer off our efforts and payments and now that the chickens have started to come home to roost they still want us to pay for it.
Bankers will take Millions in bonuses without the slightest bit of embarrassment. Industrialists will cut and run as soon as the bribe to do so is big enough. All of the Top 20% of rich people have 2nd and 3rd  homes in other countries where they can escape to when their guilt catches up with them.
They then send letters to newspapers saying how greedy the grasping workingman has become.
Come on people wake up before its too late.

Here we go again.

We are told that we must expect harsh spending cuts.If you are a Banker of course that doesn't mean you. After all you NEED that Bonus and you NEED to charge high interest rates to pay for it.



The thatcher years were the years when jobs were thrown away and Foreign companies were encouraged to break up British firms and export the Jobs to Europe or the far East.



The area I live in had 15 large manufacturing companies before Margret Thatcher and none after she left Government.



Before Margret thatcher my taxes paid for Gas, Electricity, Water,Oil, Coal and Car manufactures. OK they sometimes had strikes but over all they made a profit or broke even. They also employed thousands of people who paid Taxes and spent money on the industries they were employed in.



When these industries were sold off along with council houses the money went into one off payments to any  strange fancy of the Government. By the time we had got rid of the Tory government most of the windfall money from Nationalised industries had disappeared in to the pockets of the rich. (Most of the industry went abroad into the pockets of the Europeans)



The Tories were thrown out after some very high profile fraud scandals and we had a Labour government.Maggie sold of the Silver and Blair/Brown chopped up the furniture.



Once again we have Tories telling us that they will sell off Public owned concerns like the  Toll tunnels and the stake we have in all the other concerns. Jobs are to go and more Eastern Europeans are to be allowed in to work at a cheaper rate than British people.



You will notice that they intend to take more from the poorer people and Children than they will take from the bankers and speculators who caused most of the problems we are now facing.


Cameron and his crew should hang their heads in shame at the way they have attacked the servicemen and women and effectively put a lot of them out of work with no prospects when they return to civilian life.



Their attack on the police is a direct reaction to being found to be less than honest with their expenses last year. The cuts to the police force is just to show that they are in charge and will not stand for any investigations into government affairs.


Whats new about all this? Nothing but at least we can show that no matter what they do we do know whats going on.